Tuesday, June 21, 2005

20: “A Special Plea for Help”

There was a meeting in Gettysburg tonight. The “NoCasinoGettysburg” folks assembled an All-Star cast from the national scene. The headliner for tonight’s shindig at the Gettysburg Middle School was the Reverend Tom Grey, the Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (NCALG), and his Vice Chair, Mrs. Dianne Berlin. Pastor Wolf drew on his combat experiences in Vietnam to present examples of how to wage an effective campaign against the “casino interest”. Both he and Mrs. Berlin cited quite a few very impressive statistics on gambling, and its effect on the gambler, his family, and his community – all negative.

Alan Spears, representing the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), boasting 300,000 members, announced the organization was backing the “NoCasinoGettysburg” effort, as did Jim Campi, Director of Policy and Communications for the 25,000 member Civil War Preservation Trust. Also present was John McNamee, of the Constitutional Restoration Institute.

Representing the local interest were the almost ubiquitous Mr. Mark Berg, of the Adams County Citizens Alliance, and Mrs. Susan Star Paddock, Chair of the “NoCasinoGettysburg” group that sponsored the meeting, which brings us to the point of this essay.

No effort such as that undertaken by “NoCasinoGettysburg” can hope to accomplish its goals without support. While support comes in many forms, we are specifically referring to financial support. GettysBLOG is absolutely in favor of success for “NoCasinoGettysburg” in their efforts to stop the imposition of a casino in Adams County, and most urgently requests that you make whatever donation you can to this worthy effort. Running a campaign like this has costs; printing, mostly, for bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts, and handouts. It all adds up, and does so in a hurry. Meeting space such as the auditorium of the Middle School does not come free, and neither does maintaining a website, mailing or calling people to make the case against the casino in Gettysburg, and even having a bank account costs money to start up. The leaders of “NoCasinoGettysburg” have been footing the bill so far, but they need your help now. Please send a check as a tax deductible donation to:

NO Casino Gettysburg
Box 3173,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

or contact them via the phone at 717-334-6333.

Their website is located at


One of the things that Pastor Grey emphasized tonight was the need for speed. “NoCasinoGettysburg” has to pick up the momentum now, before it becomes too late, and the fight changes from one of prevention to one of removal.

GettysBLOG has been posting essays since April on the horrid state of affairs in the Gettysburg area – indeed, it is the reason this blog exists. 13 of the previous 19 essays are directly aimed at the problem of over-development of the Adams County countryside, including the casino project. All of this mess is a tangle of connections between our elected officials, who pave the golden path of development for the investors to make enormous profits, to our Adams County Economic Development Corporation, which gets Federal and State funds, but is answerable to no one for their actions, to the developers (including their investors) who have absolutely no conscience whatsoever, but see a grassy meadow as a place to pave over in order to turn a nifty profit. Its all tightly intertwined, and in fact, can be a bit overwhelming to follow. Indeed, they all want you to be, and to remain confused.

The fact is, the Casino developers, including the “civic-minded” Messers Monahan and LeVan, are part of a pretty well organized web of complicity aimed at stealing the very nature of our community from us in order to accumulate an astounding amount of profit, while getting your tax dollars to do it. This web includes the now invisible "Addams Family", as we so fondly call the County Commissioners (someone send out a search party for them!), "The Strabaddies", as we refer to the Straban Township Supervisors (who should be tried for crimes against humanity for the land grab they conducted in early May), and finally the legislators who gave us the ethically bankrupt Act 71, which needs to be repealed immediately (and in the process, take Act 72 with it!).

This stuff costs money to fight, folks, so please, send something to the good people at “NoCasinoGettysburg”, at the above address. And please do it today. Time really is short!

[Note: All of the organizations helping with this fight are now linked in the sidebar. Also linked there is another blog called Pennsylvania Laws, where you can find the full (though segmented) text of Act 71, and Act 72, along with the Pennsylvania Ethics laws, and the state Sunshine law.

Please send your donations today, and…

Remember in November, before you vote, GettysBLOG!


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