Friday, April 22, 2005

02: "Here's a deal for Developers!"

This is the original of a letter sent to both the Gettysburg Times, and the Hanover Evening Sun. The Sun published it on a Sunday, and the Gettysburg Times, which also called to confirm who wrote it, never put it in. No surprise there.

"Here’s a Deal for Developers:

Okay Wormold, A&S, Sites, and the rest of the Adams County Developers, here’s the deal: how about, for the next twenty years, we’ll maintain the taxes at their current rates, or lower, while you pay the difference for the new roads, widening and repaving of current roads, storm drains and sewers, runoff studies, water use studies, water supply expansions, sewage treatment plant expansions and additions, water and sewer lines and hookups, curbs and sidewalks, fire hydrant installations, traffic lights, street lights, gas main extensions, school additions, new schools, and increased school administrative staff and faculty, books and supplies. While we’re at it, new fire and police facilities, additional officers, patrol cars, firemen, fire and rescue vehicles, and ambulances, and the personnel to man and drive them, new and expanded municipal buildings, more municipal staff, snow plows, road workers, mowers, recreation facilities, increased 911 staff, and the likely needed addition to the brand new county prison that increased population will require. Oh, and there will be the inevitable expansion of the Hospital to handle the increased patient load, and that means an expensive effort to bring more physicians and nurses to the area, to say nothing of all those expensive Hospital Administrators, health insurers, and additional private practice physicians and specialists. The Courthouse will need two more courtrooms and two more judges to man them. Goodness, all of that is going to require a local Public Transit system as well. All those buses on our streets and back roads. Gosh, even the commercial and industrial base will boom, requiring more building, more transportation, perhaps even a cross-county expressway to hook up Routes 83 and 81. It would be “Gettysburg Bypass”. That’s all going to require more State Police coverage, so you better promise to take on any state tax increases as well.

All the folks you add to our county census as residents are not even going to come close to covering the costs in taxes.

Who else can we turn to in order to pay for all these increased services we’ll need to cover the people you are importing to our county? I certainly don't want to pay for all of that. I don't think there are many folks who do, either.

Maybe you can work a deal with the School Boards and promise to pick up the slack they are sure is going to occur when they surrender taxing authority to the taxpayers under Act 72!
While all these townships and county administrators are exhibiting such largesse to the developers, perhaps they had better take a good hard look at what the taxpayers are thinking about down the road."

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